Sharron Ann Sibley is a retired stockbroker whose wildly popular lectures on finding freedom through finance have inspired generations of women to work hard and work smart. She is the author of MEN, MONEY & GYPSY BLOOD, which is an account of her metamorphosis from local beauty queen and University of Texas cheerleader, to a life of disasters, including desertion by men, bankruptcy, no formal education, sickness, and raising two children alone, to becoming one of the most successful stockbrokers in Texas. She founded her own minority-owned brokerage firm (WMB) of twenty-five financial reps in three offices, and was responsible for placing millions of dollars in Buy and Sell orders on Wall Street, as well as founding many investment clubs for women. 

In recognition for her service to clients looking to expand their portfolios through investing, Sharron Ann has received multiple awards for her success. It is her most heartfelt belief that every woman can realize her potential by creating a solid financial future through wise investments. 

When Sharron Ann isn't at her lovely home in Abilene, Texas, playing with her beloved Goldendoodle, Augee, she is traveling the country, suitcase in one hand, plane ticket in the other. She is the mother of two sons, grandmother of two, and has a sassy, Texas attitude that can conquer all.