When I was growing up in 1960s Abilene, Texas, winning beauty contests and dating sexy bad boys, life as I understood it was this: be pretty, marry a doctor, have kids, and join a country club.


Unfortunately, all of that was wrong.

A Rags-to-Riches Story Set in West Texas


"Sharron Ann had never experienced heartbreak before, not like this... now barely able to put one foot in front of another, she faced the challenge of life, how to survive!"

"In the 1960's, a single or divorced woman was not allowed to assume leases, take out credit cards, or borrow money from a bank without a male cosigner. She decided to challenge that!" 

"From retail sales, real estate sales, to obtaining her Stockbroker License, she took a chance on life. Falling down hard and picking yourself up, you must try again to get it right."

"Sharron Ann and other women of her generation found themselves at a crossroads. The world was changing at an alarming rate, bringing a whole different set of values. For the first time, women were freed from their traditional roles as caregivers and glorified domestics. They were encouraged  to go braless, have sex, experiment with drugs. She could stay at home, go to school, or get a job."

"Sharron Ann had her own sad experiences to remind her that even the greatest love will end one day. Everything in life, including life, is impermanent. But none of that mattered. She was powerfully and vibrantly alive. She was born to raise her hands to heaven and in front of God and man, cry out 'I am fearfully and wonderfully made.'" 

Men, Money & Gypsy Blood is Part I of III Part Series