The story of a smart, savvy, beautiful lady that will captivate you from page one. There are lessons to be learned as she shows us what it means to be truly strong.


Mary Ruth King

Drug Manufacture Rep. (Retired)

Sharron Ann came of age in the oil soaked and growing West Texas town of Abilene. It was in this carefree and heady atmosphere that she first met her boyfriend. An encounter that would become the tether that anchored these two young souls throughout their life to come. This book recounts the story of her loves and losses, with the many trails that her life would follow.

Donald R. Scoggins

Attorney at Law

An enthralling tale of an actual West Texas girl. Through her loves and trials, she stayed always to her roots and remained that loving strong person that survives.

Nancy E. Dionne, MFA

A richly woven narrative encompassing the varied and colorful life led by Sharron Ann. Spanning from hardship to extravagance, this wise and powerful woman has seen plenty, and lived to tell the story. Be molded by her tale. It’s a story worth your time.

                 Ryan Pugh                   

Texas A&M MBA Student

I was a member of the 30-year-old Investment Club in Abilene, Texas. Sharron Ann could make a dull story interesting. She "knew when to hold’em and knew when to fold’em." Her entertaining style made learning about Wall Street fun.    


Jody DePriest, Treasurer

GRQ Investment Club

It is said that if you have a handful of true friends you are blessed.  It is a blessing to be counted as a friend to Sharron Ann and to have shared in her story.


Don Leveridge

"A True Friend of Texas"